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”Planet Earth II” spelades in under mer än tre år och i 40 länder. sett under sina många år framför allt involverad i BBC:s naturdokumentärer. Planet Earth is perfect. Everything about our world – its size, its distance from the Sun, its spin and tilt, its moon – is perfectly suited to our existence, and our planet’s natural forces perfectly nurture life. A Perfect Planet1. More on Nature. Contact About BBC Studios Careers.

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There are few places on our planet that have not in some way been shaped by humans. We’re looking at how, for better or worse, we’ve made a mark on our world, and whether it’s possible to escape the influence of us. To begin, we travel to Aldabra - an idyllic coral atoll in the Indian ocean. It’s one of the most remote places in the world, home to giant tortoises and very little human Some places you just have to see to believe. Earth is full of incredible destinations with mind-blowing and surreal landscapes, from China's rainbow mountains to Mexico's cave of crystals.

Your eyes will tell you the natural wonders on this From minute, awe-inspiring insects to majestic mountain ranges and complex weather systems, Planet Earth is the home we share with all living creatures.

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This constant mixing is vital for the health of oceans and marine life. Säsong 1. Del 4. Producerat år 2020.

Bbc earth perfect planet

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Bbc earth perfect planet

Within the BBC's gorgeous documentary series, “Planet Earth II,” there are plenty of new elements to admire — and the show is eager to Get BBC Earth; A Perfect Planet. this grand-scaled and remarkable BBC One nature offering hosted by David to a different force of nature and how the Earth and it's environment has been,  i BBC:s naturfilmer och har bland annat medverkat i Planet Earth och Den ideella organisationen The Perfect World Foundation arrangerar  Köp Planet Earth: The Photographs av Alastair Fothergill på Alastair joined the BBC Natural History Unit in 1983, working on The Really Wild  BBC A distant Earth-like exoplanet 'could have life' Costa Times UC Santa Cruz scientists help identify planet in perfect position to foster life.

Volcanoes are powerful and uncontrollable forces. A Perfect Planet: Orca's deadly hunting technique. BBC Earth. 26 mins · This orca is thought to be the first of her kind to use this unique hunting method. Pages Media TV & Movies TV Channel BBC Earth Videos A Perfect Planet: Orca's deadly hunting technique Episode 1 | A Perfect Planet On BBC (2020) New David Attenborough Series Volcano | A look at how without volcanoes, there would be no life on Earth. Planet Earth is perfect.
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Bbc earth perfect planet

Find out more. BBC med unike undervannsbilder fra Saltstraumen Den nye BBC-serien «A Perfect Planet» med spektakulære opptak fra Saltstraumen i Bodø.

Här lever några av de mest imponerande djurarterna i världen.
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discover how diverse forces work together to keep our planet in perfect balance. A Perfect Planet is an awe-inspiring exploration of Earth's power and fragility. 22 Oct 2020 Accompanying a major 5-part BBC series presented by David Attenborough and produced by the team behind Planet Earth and Blue Planet,  5 Apr 2020 They make Earth truly unique – a perfect planet. “Our planet is one in a billion, a world teeming with life.

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See "Welcome to the Anthropocene - a film about the state of the planet".