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2006-01-01 2014-12-21 2008-03-25 Circle, circle, dot, dot, dot Glad I got my cootie shot Come on boys, let's stamp 'em out Cooties, cooties Come on boys Cooties, cooties Cooties, cooties Come on boys Oh, no, no She's got cooties As cootie shot acceptance decreases, we may begin to see outbreaks similar to those observed with measles and mumps over the past few years. Prior to the development of the cootie shot, One study subject simply responded “Circle, circle, dot, dot. 2019-04-18 Lyrics to 'Circle Circle Dot Dot' by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone. (Chorus) Circle circle dot dot (uh huh) I got my cootie shot, (uh huh) You think that girl is hot? (uh huh) I think I'd rather not.

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Memories of silly songs sang and silly games played. Typically, one child administers the "shot", using an index finger to trace circles and dots on another child's forearm while reciting the rhyme, "Circle, circle, Dot, dot, – Now you've got the cootie shot!" In some variations, a child then says, "Circle, circle, Square, square, – Now you have it everywhere!" 2008-03-25 · >Circle, Circle – Dot, Dot – Have you had your cooties shot? Posted on March 25, 2008 by jimmyrawks >Ok, so here’s what’s going on so far. Powered by Restream my second shot at Regency (no bullets) and playing some more Pathway, because this game is awesomeShare and follo “Circle, circle, dot, dot, I got my cootie shot.” All of these kids began saying this while injecting their crossed index and middle fingers into their arms. Oh, come on! Mar 4, 2013 - You know you were a kid in the 1990's if Archive RSS Ask Submit About All the things any 1990's kid would remember. Feel free to put things YOU remember from the 90's in my submission box.

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(uh huh)I think I' Administration of the vaccine involves drawing one circle, then another, then prodding the patient twice with an extended index finger, while stating, "Circle circle, dot dot, now you have the Circle, circle. Dot, dot.

Circle circle dot dot cootie shot

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Circle circle dot dot cootie shot

Now you have your cootie shot.

All the while I’m standing there in disbelief as she chants, “Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, now you have your cootie shot,” over and over again. 2007-02-16 Circle Circle Dot Dot, Now You’ve Got The Excommunication Shot. The icing on top of this disgusting cake. The movie that kicked off Carolco Pictures helps us kick off our new Carolco-inspired t-shirt!
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Circle circle dot dot cootie shot

26 Feb 2016 when she's trying to give you cooties, but you got your cootie shot at recess.

One drop of Kindness dissolves Cooties faster than you can say Cootie Shot! That's why we decided to cre Also I wasn't sure what gallery to put this image in.
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Circle Circle Dot Dot - Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone - Lego

"Circle circle dot dot dot - glad I got my cootie shot" men även i Eminem-låten som heter just c-c-d-d: "circle circle dot dot - you think that girl is  Subscribe Twitter Google+  Cooties AMBER She don't need a coat 'Cause she's got fur! Circle, circle, ALL Dot, dot, dot. AMBER Hurry, get your cootie shot!

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One study subject simply responded “Circle, circle, dot, dot. Doctors and scientists lie a lot.” Tags: cootie, shot, 90s, retro, circle, dot, palm, tattoo SUGGESTED ITEMS Gauntlet of the King Reg. $24.95 On Sale $19.95 (Save 20%) 2021-04-22 · @coachskiller: “Circle circle dot dot dot - now I got my cootie shot! One down, one to go. I’m amused that the…” 157 Likes, 30 Comments - Melissa W | Strategist w/style (@fabglance) on Instagram: “Circle, circle, dot, dot, now I got my cootie shot! Y’all remember that? ⁣ ⁣ Look #sponsored by…” Circle Circle Dot Dot with lyricsSong Used - Circle Circle Dot Dot About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2021 Google LLC Colbert Takes Your Mind Off Super Tuesday Stress With a Fun Look at Coronavirus (Video) The Wrap via Yahoo News · 10 months ago. Though many people were obsessed with the primary election results on Super Tuesday, Stephen Colbert Circle, circle.